About Me

I was born in a middle-class family near Dhenkanal Town, from two of my loving parents who did everything to keep me happy. You all must aware of the financial condition of a normal middle-class family with only white money, it is always hand to mouth for a family of five including my Brother and Sister. I just want to be with the parent for the rest of my life and try to keep them happy.

I thought I will do something which brings me lot of money and happiness to our family, but I was completely wrong, it is good to have money, but it is the root cause of all problems. I had lost many friends and relatives because of this sweet item (Money).

Now I am doing good at a Multinational Company, but my root is calling me. Yes, I will go back to my hometown someday to live with my near and dear ones who know me, where I can breathe on pure air.

Only Time will say what is there for me in coming years.