Be Selfish to be rich and live alone with lot of Cash in your Pocket

Everyone yes all human i believe think to be rich and keep lot of money. Yes i was thinking the same way when in college. I don’t know whether you did it or not, during final years and just when started appearing interviews for big IT giants, we friends use to calculate how we will spend such a big salary after getting a JOB. We even divide them in part after giving home 30% of it, some for dresses, mobile bill, parties, fuel. That time we have calculated we will have lot of saving even after all expenses.

Along with time i never see much change in life even after getting higher and higher salary. But yes i can say i had a good time with friends for first few years, because if you have money there are more friends and relatives.

My Family is a middle class govt one and its reached time of retirement for my father. All burden suddenly came to my soldier. and i like it. Still now i love my family and never prioritize money over relationship.

One thing i can suggest to all youngsters who will join new jobs, please start investing on something which none of your family know, lot of my friends did it and some buy Flats, few have Gold biscuits, some married rich single daughter girls to be safe side on Money/ Property.

One incident which broke my heart: I was living with a friend who have a good salary, once his mother called from home to inform they have a bill of 1000 on telephone this money. This roommate scold his parents like anything, and keep teasing them how they are spending unnecessary money. Now he has crores saving in his pocket.

There are lot of examples like this, just check your friends surrounding you. You can find them.

Yes, you have to choose Money or Relationship.

Earning For Family
Money or Relationship

There are few cases which are extraordinary, those friends are very lucky to have both of Money (Hard Earned inherited from parents) and Family (Who all always love you same way, even if you do not have a penny). Request to those young generation who will face this, think before take action. I heard money can not buy happiness but for some Aliens money is always first and they can kill any relationship.

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