Chasing Dream need patience and hard work

Millennials are different than other generations, they follow dream and do hard word to get it, which was not there during our parent period. Most of us born to the parents who follow a simple path of job and keep doing it til retirement. They think of something big only when retirement like building a home, buying a Maruti 800.

Most of their life spent fulfilling children’s wish for education and settlement. For my case it is same i Joined Post Graduation Course with a help of SBI Student Loan which my father cleared after his retirement. One of my friend’s parent sold all his farming land to give a proper education to his sons, luckily both sons are now well settled, first one is a Lecturer in a College and second one is a reputed Cost Accountant.

But it looks different now as there are more option of generating income, either both husband wife working or husband doing job, wife started some startups. In another case both are working but in different cities. But why they do this which reduce family life between husband, wife and children?

Yes, we chase some goal in life, either to save enough money to give a proper education to our children (You must aware of the cost of study in india), assume what it would be after 10 or 15 years or want good saving to start something if quit early as most of IT companies future is unstable.

Now this generation of people want to educate their child in schools like DPS, Central School, DAV or some international schools which is a booming business all over india. Normal Intermediate Courses now Costs more than 2 lakhs per year in a new Smart City like Bhubaneswar. Now a medial seat costs around 40 lakhs. This is just an example there are more reason which differ person to person.


I have some close friends which lives separately or lived separately in different cities for close to 10 years, lets go to the reasons.

First friend:

He works in a IT company at Kolkata, his wife works as Govt School Teacher in Odisha. They married in 2009 and leaving separately till now, his reason looks different his whole family going through different diseases which have recurring expenses, when we discussed, they said none of them can quit as IT industry is unstable, and govt teachers salary and their future is bright. My good wishes to him, normally he travels each weekend to odisha and come back to kolkata on Monday morning from years.

Second Friend:

She is a IT Engineer now at Hyderabad, previously at Kolkata, his husband is also in same profession who was in Bangalore, but now by god’s help at Same city Hyderabad, and luckily in same Company. Now they go office together, spend time, have fun and able to play with children together. But they came across a lot of patience and difficulties. They married on 2009 March and only able to stay together from Jun this year. In these past years they used to travel to kolkata or bangalore once may be in a month. So yes everything need time, but yes leaving in different city for more than 7 years in not a easy task. Thanks to God, who take test of us.

Third Case: 

Yes Me, My parents leaving alone bothered me and take many attempts to take them with me where i may be moving for Job, but they don’t want to move from home town, which have different advantages, and they are right if we think from their side. Now both of them are not completely well to leave alone, for more than 3 years my wife and children leave with them and i am moving around cities from Kolkata to Hyderabad, god knows what will happen, my wife started working on a project, which will take time and need patience. But yes we are missing together. More than that my baby girl don’t want to leave me any where. Hope all will be fine soon and we will live together.

One request to new couples, please don’t live separately just to save lot of money, family is very important to all of us, those lost time are none can fill, mostly children, their childhood is fun. I missed many days of fun but don’t want anybody miss it.

Miss you my princess.


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