Every living creature in this planet we believe a part of God and from our childhood we heard God living inside each of us. Is that true? Do God really Exists? Do they have Power to help and show correct path to us? Many questions like this comes to my mind before a Trip to Ghatagaon Maa Tarini Temple and Kendujhar in Jan 2017. Yes now i believe you need God’s blessing along with your hard work. Maa Tarini blessed me and she will never return you empty handed.

Maa Tarini Ghatagaon, Keonjhar

Tarini Maa proved there some real power exist with every god. Let me first tell you more about it. I am a simple guy who respect feeling of each human being, very kind hearten which is the cause of my life’s trouble. I have been working with many MNC from more than one decade still not able to save a penny for me. It is not because i don’t know money is important, people take advantages before but now i choose friends wisely. During my last decade most of the people in my life came to take advantages of money from me in shape of friends, relatives and family members whose first priority is money over relationship.

But i can give them lot of thanks now for teaching me all life lessons. Now i don’t believe anyone. As per Chanakya’s Quote “Straight Trees Should Cut First”.

Due to my simplicity i face big financial trouble which broke everything of me, to recover from this problem i have tried many things (Sold Gold, sold lands, withdraw all my insurance and many ways) but can not overcome from it.

One day two of my close friends who love me like anything, want me to visit Maa Tarini, forced me to book ticket and go with them. I did it. You know what is amazing thing happen, during our return without any step from my side, banks offer call keep coming and the day i reach home i received the amount i need in my account without much difficulties within few hours.

At first thought i assume someone making fun of me, but it is true because i shocked by looking at my account balance in the evening. Now i can dream high and nothing can stop me to fulfill my dream of having a different world.

Thank you Rosaleen and Ansuman for your love for me, without you life looks incomplete.

Suggestion to all my readers: Do hard work with lot of passion, dream big. God will bless you in different shape, size and faces. Then the World is Yours.


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