Qualities to be Successful in Your Job

Each of these habits comes from our root and style of upbringing during our childhood schooling days. You earn many good and bad habits at that point of life.

After education, each of us joined some organization or work for own to earn and feed our family. It may be different for some of us depending on family’s financial burden.

Some work for fulfilling the necessity of family, few do hard work for gaining a lot of wealth,  few love to work even if they get low income and the last are here just to earn money for fun.

Type of Employees  are:

  1. Necessity – Have to do for Family
  2. Hard Worker – To get higher Income
  3. Love Work –  Rare to Find
  4. Fun – Just for doing something
  5. Chamcha – Who believe in spreading rumors and pass information to Manager
  6. Showoff – Spreading News about the position, Job, company is more important
  7. Liers – 99% of their discussions are false.
  8. Excuse for Everything – Whatever you ask them, they have excuses.
  9. Sleeper – He/ She can sleep at any place within few minutes.
  10. Food Lover – Need Party for every event even if an event like Someone is ill.
  11. Fitness Freak – Spend more time discussing fitness than actual office work.
  12. Technology Master –  Need latest PC, Laptops, IPAD, and Softwares for work.
  13. Database Hero – He thinks he knows everything about Databases.
  14. Dress Guard – He/ She know everyone’s dresses and when last time the person wear to the office.

Which one of the above match your cause of doing Job?


You know the answer. Right?

It’s alright to have bad qualities and we can try to rectify them, otherwise same negative qualities will be surely visible in your children and create a worst future work environment or society.

It’s not easy to change a habit but we can create a good habit in 21 days rule, but actually, it takes more than three months to build a habit.

Let’s Go One by one of the qualities of a successful employee.

  1. Respect all team members
  2. Plan your daily work and keep the note in front of you like on Desktop of your System or front of sitting area.
  3. Ask for More work.
  4. Encourage other team members.
  5. Never Check anyone’s email or chat when he/ she is not in the seat.
  6. Provide Regular Training which others may not know.
  7. Reach Early at Office.
  8. Make sure talk about someone in Public if good and discuss privately with him/ her if anything negative.
  9. Communicate On Time within the team.
  10. Treat everyone equal.
  11. Keep Your Phone silent in Office or at least in the meeting.
  12. Never get personal talk with people from Management team.
  13. Keep Your Desk and work area clean.
  14. Ready to accept any challenge in your assignment, even if you never did that before.
  15. Do at least 9 Hours of work including Lunchtime.
  16. Never blame others to hide your faults.
  17. Don’t show off that you know everything, if you have the knowledge it will spread automatically.
  18. Join Meeting before 5 minutes.
  19. Don’t sleep in office time on chair or table, this creates negative energy in Office.
  20. Don’t play Movies if you don’t have any work, you can read something in your work area or give a training to other team members.
  21. Try to provide some ideas which can boost companies revenue.
  22. Managers should communicate messages from team members to higher management whenever needed.
  23. Give chance to Juniors to handle small activities from senior members,
  24. Polishing at work should not be allowed.
  25. Don’t take earn, silk and casual leaves for personal work. (Noted from a complaint made by a team member).
  26. Encourage people to go on a team outing at regular intervals.
  27. Do work log daily.
  28. Hire an HR for each office. (If you are in a senior management team).
  29. Offical Dress should be adopted.
  30. Company Badge should be wear at all the time you are in Office.
  31. Passing Jokes is ok, but it is not good to pass a Joke when people discussing an important topic.
  32. Don’t Speak loudly in common work areas, it may affect other employees.
  33. Keep your documents and official papers in the locker.
  34. Reduce work pressure of any of the team member if you can do along with your Job.
  35. Never Say Yes to everything. There is no harm in telling No if you can not do a particular task.


Yes, I have a lot of bad habits and still learning to grab good behavior.

In the end, I want to tell you one thing, never be a taker and be a giver. Becuase if we only keep taking or keep giving you will die. We need to do it like our breath in and out, we can not live only by breathe in or breathe out.

Take good things collectively from all the person and give it to the person who needs it. Learn new things and train others, be grateful to all others without whom team may be not run smooth. Give thanks to team members and mean it. Remember all the good times spent with them.

Thank You, everyone and I mean it for all the people who helped me with everything either small or big ones throughout my carriers.

One finger may not win but combined five fingers can be successful. Be a team and win the heart of this beautiful world at both in and outside the office. All the best for your future in both personal and professional life.

Note: Writing still in progress.

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