Small things Matter a lot for Kid’s Mind while growing up

We are now in a generation where technology is the driving force in all part of our life, whether travelling on a car without driver, or controlling our home with hand movement, using bitcoin for payments or accessing internet for free. All these impacting our lifestyle and how we teach our child. Every Parent want their child to be number one, yes this is true, but are we parenting in the right way? I think no..but it has to Yes with current trend of living.

Let us see few more data about it.

Let’s take case of middle class Indian family and their kids. Middle level parents always wish their children to read well and join a reputed job and they do this with their hard earn money. These parents has to be very selective to educate and upbringing their child  because they want to investment back either as proud father/ mother of a Doctor, an Engineer or best said as a NRI. We can not blame them because they want their son/ daughter should not face same problems which they crossed to reach this level of life.

In a decade or more ago most of the kids studied from traditional native medium schools, or maximum to a central or DAV School. At that time there is not more school options like international schools, residential schools for middle class.

During 90’s a common boy or girl spent at least few hour playing with friends in the nearest park or play ground, but if you see now most of the time after school are spent on either watching Cartoons or playing game on these new generation cellphones/ Tabs/ laptops. As a result of which obesity among children are common seen all over world.

I don’t say technology is bad but we have to start using them at certain age and right purpose, outdoor game is important for kids where they can see mother earth and be social.



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