Success can be achieved only if you build a good team

Nowadays most of us think big and try to get success as soon as possible. Yes, getting big success is not easy, you have to be a master of many trades from housekeeping to team management skills. Whether it is your 9 to 5 job or business, you need to learn few skills but not all.

To run a team, you have to have a sound knowledge of the responsibilities of each team members. Why ? because if you are not clear on the duties of the team members, how can you track them.

In today’s work condition, we can not compete with other companies if we do not have enough knowledge in our field of work. As I mentioned earlier one person could not be able to do all task of a team, we need to have best employees to handle each of the responsibility separately.

For Example, one employee may be suitable for Front Office but cannot manage a safety training. Another may focus best on Coding of software but not able to prepare a Powerpoint presentation for a demo to clients. The list is long.

So how we can get success with these team members?

Yes. You are right.

We need to leverage each of their talents and build a team which can get success.

How to move forward?

  • Develop a good plan for your job.
  • Break all your assignments into subsections.
  • List all responsibility and expertise you need from your employees or team.
  • Appoint experts in the field of the work (For Example: if you need an HR Manager, then select anyone who had the experience to handle Human resource for any reputed businesses.)
  • If you have employees already with you for the tasks, you can list down names and assign work to them as per their expertise on the particular requirement.
  • Set a deadline keeping a buffer period where you can test their completed work.
  • Most importantly encourage, appreciate and help them to grow as a team.

If you keep your team happy, no one can stop you from getting success.

Success is by team
Build Team

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