When will you satisfied with your saving without killing relationships? Goal

Money or relationship  which one you prefer first. Most of us from 21st century sure choose first one. Yes, Saving money and being rich is good but it should not kill your relationships, your freedom to being social.

During our discussion with friends most of us think we have to earn, save and make lot of money before we think it is our Goal point in life. Very true we need money.

All of you,

Let me ask one simple question. How Much Saving is enough for you ,which you think your goal of life?


When i was in college, we use to manage with a small amount of nearly 3000 INR for the whole month. Now it is difficult to live by depending on a single income. Most of the young couple doing jobs to be safe saving which may need during study of child or any urgent financial worries, which is good. But it is affecting family and social life.

Now if you put your child to any medical college it costs around 40 lakhs rupees, which may reach 1 crore after 10 or 15 years. You can see calculation here by HDFC Bank. Medical expenses also rising day by days, see Calculations from Exide Life, But it is good to not spend time with your baby girl during her childhood days to save money. May be good, don’t know what others think of it.

During my stay in USA, i had one friend who was getting salary in lakhs but one day when his parents told him, their phone bill crossed 2000 rupees (because of being social and call daughter and relatives), he shouted on his parents whatever he can, which may be right to save money for this young generation.

Good luck to all of you and me for following money. I think money is important but after some point, its main purpose should be spending on society, needy, parents, relatives, and anything which help this world. May be i am wrong. Just a view from my side, but you should not stop going towards your goal.

In the end we can only be happy with the work and goal we are love to do. So Keep it up. Definitely we need lot of money but not at the cost of killing relationships like two Ambani Brothers who divide Lt. Dhiru Bhai’s Dream.

Money Goal

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