Most of us want a peace life with family and friends. Is not it? Yes, this is true and i realize this by discussing with family, relative and many close friends. In India still business is not a preferred choice in many family and friends. If you tell any of your uncle or aunt, you are planning to quit a corporate job having high paying salary, they will feel you gone mad. If you are unmarried then you might not a get a bride for long, because most of the Indian families do not prefer to marry their girl to a  businessman.

We can not ignore them, but choice is yours, think properly before jumping to a sea of adventure. Each of above two career choices has its own merit and demerits, take a decision which suit you.

Career Choice
Job or Business

Advantages and disadvantages of Career choice of Job and Entrepreneurship:

Advantages of Job:

  1. Security of Income Source.
  2. Better Family Life.
  3. Work in Scheduled time (But now it is almost same a business, you have to work more time to reach the goal of your company).
  4. Expenses for Insurance, travel, training etc beared by company.

Disadvantages of Job:

  1. Learning is limited, You can not explore your full knowledge
  2. Work in a boundary decided to your Company
  3. Need to answer each of your Managers or Boss
  4. You can not spend anything on development of society

Advantages Entrepreneurship:

  1. Freedom
  2. Endless learning
  3. Flexible
  4. Set your own earning

Disadvantages of entrepreneurship:

  1. Responsible for all aspects of the business.
  2. Income is not steady
  3. No fixed Schedule of Work Time
  4. Success is not Guaretee

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