In our life everyday we come across different people from new places with having some unique tradition, habits. Every person have some good qualities and few bad which we can take and implement within us. During this long journey from birth till now, i have made very few good things for society but more mistakes to others which i realise now.


My Mistakes are my love towards all of you, which will continue till my last breath.

During this long path i have learned a lot from my mistakes. For love, i got hate, for good, i receive bad, but i will keep spreading love without expecting anything from this world. Lets keep learning and absorb the good habits from others to change our self and make India a country where our future generation love to stay.

You can love me, you can hate me, but you can not ignore me.

I have also many friends, relatives and colleagues who have some best qualities, which impressed me. I have started this site to share some of my thoughts which may help others to take some of the critical decisions of life.

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