Why You Should not focus on only Grades for Your Child.

In today’s evolving world, it is going to be tough for everyone who will not upgrade their skills which required to survive on this earth. Every child born with some special quality which parents could not able to explore. Are you one of them?

Why am I telling you this? Yes, because, I can see how brilliant students who secure non stop good percentages in their careers fail to perform in interviews and in their respective field of work whether Job or Business. Once you out of education, you are going to handle a different world and this is completely new for most of the students, In all most, all schools in this world taught you to secure good marks but very few train you face the real-life situation. But now some of the schools started doing it, but all just for Business of the Institution.

It is not the story like we had 20 years back when there is no mode of communication like Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter by which you can get any information of the world on your smart mobile in a second.

Now everything changed, everyone can access anything from Big Gaint like Google or Wiki. Students can learn any topic by register themselves on E-Learning Providers.

I do want your child to secure best Grades but there are other areas you must look at which can shape future of your child.

Education and Career
Education and Career

Here are few Questions ask to you and your child:

  • What is the subject your child actually like and doing best without any guidance?
  • What is the subject he /she do not like at all?
  • How many times he/ she speak or perform on Public Gathering or on School Stage? Not just because everyone forced to do it.
  • Can he perform best as a Team with others? or Just Alone.
  • Does your child know names of all your relatives and actually known them personally.
  • Can he/ she speak actual English? Not just: Hello Bro, I m f9, He must speak and write in proper words which everyone can understand.
  • Much More ……Don’t Just force them to Study…. He Can be Next 10dulkar or Sania.

Everything above is related to the life your child will face in his/ her life after education.

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