Why you should not force your child to read as per your wish

Every parent wants to see their child succeed and bring glory to them. Yes, it is the common situation now. To achieve the financial goal to educate him/ her, parents do many ways to generate more money. Isn’t it?

Few of us do some partial jobs along with your full-time job, some starts side businesses, some start blogs, many write e-books to sell them and more we can see these days parents work in different cities if both of them are working.

Recently I got a chance to talk with few friends about this. Some say he is planning to keep at-least 1 crore to join his child in a standard college when he is ready. But is it necessary to keep the money if your child capable enough? Maybe.

Let’s come back to the main story. During 90’s every parent looks strict about the study and want their child to be a Doctor or Engineer. For this target, they forcibly following their child and make each movement traceable. Mainly we that time keep our focus on percentages.


Can I tell you a true story?

During our schooling we have many bright students, we study hard and full fill our parents wish. As a result, most of our friends had a good result in matriculation. I have some liberty of study in my time, thanks to my parents.

Here the twist to the story for my friends. Everyone comes out with good results and joined best colleges in our state. For my friend’s freedom starts. After reaching the hostel, they feel like the free bird and started every bad habit they can do within those two years of Intermediate courses.

As a result of most of them either bad result in +2 or even not able to appear the annual exam.

Luckily I had a chance to meet most of our friends in an Alumni meet. Now most of them are doing some of the odd job or business.

The good thing is they all realize the mistakes and repeatedly told don’t force your child to study in a Jail. Keep their mind open. I would suggest you must be friendly and interactive with your child now in this 21st century.

Still, I may be wrong. You can send your views as a comment.

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